Monday, March 28, 2011

Our Trip To San Diego

Over Spring Break, Jake and Lilly took their very first plane ride to San Diego, California!
Here is a picture of Lilly looking out the window.

When we got to San Diego, it was time to explore out hotel room.
Jake discovered himself in the mirror on the closet door!

Both kids loved getting rides in the laundry basket we found in the room!

Here are a few shots of us at Lego Land. It was amazing to see entire cities made out of legos!

Jake and Lilly had fun making a splash at the pool!

We couldn't come all the way to San Diego without visiting the zoo!

We also toured the Air and Space Museum. Jake loved this little airplane he could sit in!

Here are some shots of us at the beach. The water was frigid, but so clear and beautiful!

We had so much fun exploring and seeing new things, but most of all Jake and Lilly loved spending time with Grammy and Pop, and their aunt, uncle and cousins!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Who Needs Toys?

Toys?!?! Who needs 'em?!

Jake was in heaven after we checked the mail this morning. This magazine kept him busy for about half an hour. He was thrilled to rip the whole thing to shreds!

Lilly was equally tickled to try out her "box car" Mommy made with the empty Pampers box.

Oh, to be that age again when life is so simple!