Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Best Swimming Pool Ever

This Memorial Day Weekend we took Jake and Lilly swimming. They had a blast splashing in the kiddie pool! Lilly was determined to get her whole head under the water, while Jake was a little more reserved. My parents (Noni and Poppy to Jake and Lilly) were in town for the weekend. My mom saw how much fun they had in the pool that she had to buy them their very own pool for our house so they could splash around all summer long. We found the perfect sized pool for both of these water loving kids… and the best part… it came with over 50 brightly colored plastic balls!! Now the kids can enjoy playing inside and outside! It’s funny how much entertainment they got out of a $12 blow-up pool! In their opinion, it is the very best swimming pool ever!!

Having a blast throwing the balls inside...."Mmmmmmm....tasty!"

"Brrrrr....this water's a bit chilly!"