Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Merry and BRIGHT

This year, we put up our Christmas tree earlier than we ever have. Last year, we scrapped decorating for the holidays altogether since Cody and I were both barely functioning on the precious little sleep we got. (It wasn’t until after Christmas last year that both Jake and Lilly consistently slept through the night.) So this year, we decided to get an early start and decorate before we went out of town for Thanksgiving.

Unsure of what kind of harm the kids would try to inflict on the tree, we made the decision to only dress it with lights and ribbon. I cringe when I try to imagine what would happen if they got a hold of those pesky little ornament hooks!

To our surprise, neither Jake nor Lilly even seemed to notice the eight foot artificial pine tree in our foyer. What did catch Jake’s attention was the power strip we use for the lights. He played with this cord the entire time it took us to put the tree up and string lights around it! He would untangle it, take it to the wall, try to plug it in, sit down, untangle it again…. It was hilarious!

I have to add a disclaimer about why our son is running around in only his diaper as we put up the Christmas tree! It was 80-something degrees the day we decided to get in the holiday spirit. In fact, as Cody was bringing in the tree from the garage, he was dripping with sweat! He made me promise that next year we wait for a cold front before hauling all the decorations inside! Oh the joys of living in Texas!

Regardless of what we were all wearing while we decorated the house, the tree in its simplicity turned out beautifully! Now, a few times a day, I catch Lilly and Jake standing in front of it, heads tiled up, admiring the twinkling lights. (Actually, I really think they are secretly scheming with one another, planning the quickest way to tear it down! Just kidding..... I hope!)

The lights must have made an impact on Jake because the next day, he took a stuffed elephant and tried to plug its tail into the outlet. I guess he thought it would light up like our Christmas tree!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Our Black Friday Adventure

We spent Thanksgiving in Dallas this year, and instead of battling the shopping crowd on Black Friday, we spent our time watching underwater creatures amaze our two toddlers. I had no idea fish could get them so worked up! It turns out that we picked the perfect day to walk through the Aquarium in Grapevine. The place was not even a little bit crowded, so we let the kids out of the stroller and turned them loose!

In addition to fingerprints (and some nose and mouth prints), Jake and Lilly left an echo of giggles as we walked through each exhibit.

The sting rays were a hit! Jake thought they were absolutely hilarious! Cody and I have never heard him laugh so loud!

Lilly thought this guy was smiling at her!

Lilly was in awe of just about everything. We are convinced she would have stayed here plastered to the glass all day long if given the choice. I am betting that as she gets older, she will be just like her Dad when it comes to museums.... he has to read every single piece of literature attached to the walls. I take the same approach as Jake... run like crazy through the place, then head to the gift shop!

Lilly was brave enough to touch this hairy-spidery-looking-creature. (Jake was not a fan!!)

The best part of the day was getting to spend it with family.... Uncle Dave and Auntie Bri, Noni and Poppy.
We were thrilled to spend time with Uncle Jay and the kids' great-grandparents on Thanksgiving as well. It was a relaxing trip and the kids are completely worn out today. I took a break from the massive pile of laundry that is waiting for me. I guess I'll get back to work before nap time is over!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Jake's First Haircut

Watch Jake get his first haircut! He reminds me so much of a little old man, not a sixteen-month-old. Can't you just hear him asking, "Does this include a shave?"

Friday, November 18, 2011

Wadded Up Receipts and Slippers

Wadded up receipts and slippers…that’s what they’re into today. At 7:30 this morning, I went to get my toothbrush out of the drawer next to my sink and this is what I found.

Jake had been playing in the bathroom while Cody got ready for work this morning. Apparently, my bathroom drawer was a much better place for all of the receipts he found in Daddy’s closet.

At about the same time I made this discovery, Lilly took every slipper in my closet and drug them into the center of the bathroom floor.

Then she methodically inspected each one, searching for the perfect slipper to wear on this chilly morning.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Little Red Wagon

In our house, the little red wagon is the barometer for how our day will go. Let me explain this phenomenon:

Some days Lilly and Jake can’t even get past who will sit in the wagon and who will pull it. They both love to be the rider, and Jake only likes to pull if the wagon does not carry his sister. (I guess he figures he can pull an empty wagon faster than one with cargo.) Ten seconds into the debate, which is way more physical than verbal at this point, both are crying and no one is in the wagon.

Then, the poor little red wagon ends up locked in the hall bathroom for the remainder of the day. One day Cody came home from work and opened the door to use the restroom. He almost broke his neck on all the toys piled up in there. That hadn’t been such a good day!

But some days, like today, they take turns with no pushing, crying, or banging the handle of the wagon on the other one's head. Then I know, it’s going to be a good day!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Buttons, Gadgets, and Such

My little Jake is destined to be a technology nerd like his Daddy. Forget the typical toddler toys like dump trucks, blocks, Legos, and puzzles. He’d rather mash the buttons on our baby monitor. Give him an i-phone and he’ll have all your apps rearranged and perhaps make an international phone call. One time he got a hold of the TV remote. I am still unsure of what buttons he pushed, but I had to call Cody at work to get the TV functioning normally again. My mother-in-law tells me that Cody was just like this when he was a kid. Now he is the family's official tech-support help line.

Last week I ran the dishwasher five times and could not understand why the soap dispenser would not open. My dishes were wet, but the spaghetti casserole from the night before was still crusted to all the plates. So, I just kept running it. It would beep, alerting me that the cycle had ended, after only 30 minutes. Weird, I thought.

When Cody came home that evening, I told him about the dishwasher dilemma. I seriously thought we needed to call a repair man. I was frustrated. The dishwasher is maybe three years old. Less than 30 seconds into my rant about how everything in this house is falling apart and appliances these days just don't last, he figured out the problem. Jake (and I say that with 100% certainty because Lilly just doesn't care about these things) had changed the cycle to “Rinse Only.” Now why didn’t I think of that?